Family History

Julio Herrera Velutini comes from a rich family background that has heavily influenced his personal and career trajectory.

7 Generations of Business and Banking From Naples to Latin America

Banco de Venezuela

It all started in the Canary Islands.

Broke and yearning for a new life, they took a chance to make their lives better and set off for South America. The Herrera Family left the Canary Islands in 1590, landing in Venezuela and creating Hacienda La Vega.

Since 1590, the Herrera family have been land owners in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Florida, as well as Venezuela.

Enter the Velutini Family

The Herrera family met the Velutini family, a noble family with roots in Italy and Germany, and in 1890 the Velutini family founded the Bank of Venezuela and the Bank of Caracas.

The Velutini family created their own currency, backed by a large gold mine.

Johann Von Uslar, a German noble, traveled to South America to fight for liberation alongside Simon Bolivar.

Even today the Herrera Velutini family are one of the largest landowners in Venezuela.

This includes one of the biggest oil reserves in the world.