Julio is Founder and Director of the following organizations:

Bancredito Internacional Bank
Consultiva wealth management
Britannia Bank and Trust
Britannia Merchant Bank
Britannia Global Payments
Britannia Capital Market
Britannia Financial Group
Britannia wealth management
Britannia Global Investment

Britannia Global Markets
Britannia Dubai
Diario de las Américas
Internacional Art Group Uk
Internacional Art Fund
Interocean Capital funds
Banvelca & Company LTD
Herrera Brothers & Company of New York
Clementina Velutini Clevelca Trust London UK


At the age of 28, Julio joined the Board of Directors for Bolívar Banco Universal. He was voted President of the Board before he was 30, making him the youngest ever to run a bank in Venezuela.

Julio founded his own bank in Venezuela before he was 35, starting with one office and growing it to over 80 in the country.

Sine 2009, Julio has dedicated his career to various financial endeavors in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Europe.