Over 25 years of experience as Banker and Entrepreneur

Julio Martin Herrera Velutini has experience in founding and acquiring banks, developing business units and managing.

From a Venezuelan family with banking roots going back more than 120 years. The Herrera & Velutini family have had a great influence on Venezuelan and Latin American history since José Antonio Velutini Ron who was a politician, congressman, diplomat, and Venezuelan between 1871 and 1912. Born in Caracas, Julio moved to New York, where his mother was born.

As a teenager, Julio moved to Europe to continue his education. After graduating from schools in England and Switzerland, Julio returned to Caracas to assume his position in the family business, banking.

His family has especially influenced the Venezuelan banking & real estate industry since 1590 with the founding of Hacienda La Vega in 1590 and in the late 19th century with the founding of Banco Caracas in 1890 by His great-grandfather Julio César Velutini Couturier who chaired Banco Caracas until 1930. Later generations were all Chairman and senior managers of Banco Caracas for over 100 years until its sale in 1998. Julio M. Herrera Velutini is “Fifth” generation of the Herrera Velutini family and is part of a lineage that helped set in place a central bank and independent national currency.

Julio raised his children in the United States after leaving Caracas in 2008 and founded Bancrédito in Puerto Rico, as well as other financial institutions across the US and Europe.